The Honda EV Sports Concept

Honda’s latest concept car is an all-electric, two-seat sports car, combining EV performance and AI in a compact form.

The automaker showed off the new Sports EV at the Tokyo Motor show after hyping its unveiling in a press release.


Honda hasn’t released any specifications and details on performance as of yet, but it is built on the same dedicated EV platform as the one used for the Urban EV Concept. When that vehicle was unveiled at the Frankfurt Road Show it was promised it will feature a lightweight high-density battery pack, and a potential range of more than 200km. It will also have the ability to transfer energy to and from the vehicle.

But it has been confirmed that the Sports EV has an artificial intelligence (AI) system on-board called the “Honda Automated Network Assistant,” which is designed to “create communication that unites driver and car.”

With Honda’s main goal of electrifying two-thirds of its vehicles by 2030, it makes sense that there will be a fully-electric sports range included in that lineup. 

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