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Used import boom continues

The year’s used car boom has continued in the build up to Christmas with 14,642 used cars crossing the border last month, bringing the year to date total of 158,469 units. This figure is 5793 ahead of total imports of used cars for all of 2016.

New car importers brought in 10,957 units during November, up 4.6 per cent (484 units) on the previous month and down just 0.9 per cent on the same month last year. Year to date 106,283 new cars have been imported, only 4657 short of 2016’s full year total.

Imports of used light commercial vehicles dropped significantly – down 12.3 per cent on the same month last year and 9.3 per cent on October’s 712 units.

Although there was a 27.3 per cent fall in the number of new light commercial imports during November compared to October’s 3909 total, November’s 2841 units total was up a massive 53.3 per cent when compared to the same month last year.

As usual, the vast majority of used imported cars came from Japan with 13,709 units imported in November – a 10.2 per cent increase on the same month last year, resulting in Japan holding a monthly market share of 94.68 per cent.

Importers brought 389 used cars in from Australia – a 4.9 per cent decrease on November 2016. Year to date, 5,110 used cars have been shipped from Australia. There was a 29.4 per cent fall in used car imports (197 units) from the UK during November compared to the same month last year, while Singapore was up 27.9 per cent on 142 units.

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Very strong October for new sales

The latest new vehicle sales figures for October reveal a very strong performance for both new passenger and commercial.

“There were 15,530 new vehicle registrations for the month of October, making it the strongest month of October on record and the second strongest month of any month ever. It was only the second time the new vehicle market has past 15,000 registrations in a month, the other being in June this year. Registrations were 9.83% (11,986 units) year to date above this time in 2016 and for the month were up 5.6% (821 units) on October 2016.” Said David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Industry Association.

Comparing to October 2016, sales of passenger and SUVs were up by 6.3% (5,321 units) and commercial vehicles up by 18.0% (6,665 units).

Toyota remains the overall market leader with 29% market share (4,457 units), followed by Ford with 10% (1,530 units) and Holden with 9% market share (1,341 units).

Toyota was also the market leader for passenger and SUV registrations with 31% market share (3,410 units) followed by Holden with 9% (1,006 units) and Mazda with 8% market share (903 units).

The top selling passenger and SUV models for the month were the Toyota Corolla (1772 units of which 1589 were rentals) followed by the Toyota RAV4 (479 units of which 304 were rentals) and the Kia Sportage (354 units).

In the commercial sector, Toyota was again the market leader with 24% (1,047 units) followed by Ford with 21% (948 units) and Holden third with 8% market share (335 units). The Ford Ranger regained the top spot as the bestselling commercial model with 19% share (853 units) followed by the Toyota Hilux also with 17% share (762 units).

Year to date the Ford Ranger remains both the top commercial vehicle model and the top model overall with 7,950 registrations compared to 7,045 for the Toyota Hilux.

Vehicle segmentation for the month of October reflects the strong monthly registrations of the Toyota Corolla. The top segments were small vehicles with 20% share, followed by the SUV medium segment with 15% and Pick Up/Chassis Cab 4×4 segment with 13% market share.

“The 2017 new vehicle market is expected to easily break through the 150,000 new vehicles mark for the first time.” said Mr Crawford.

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New registrations surpass 100,000 units

Registrations of new vehicles have exceeded 100,000 units year to date – the fastest this milestone has ever been achieved. By the end of August, 103,923 new vehicles had been sold.

Registrations were 11.3 per cent above this time in 2016, while the total registration of 13,063 vehicles for the month of August was up by three per cent on August 2016.

David Crawford, chief executive officer of the Motor Industry Association, says that there was a mix of vehicles registered in August, reflecting changing consumer preferences.

The Ford ranger remains NZ’s top selling commercial, and overall.

“While passenger car and SUV registrations of 8,607 units were down 3.2 per cent (289 units) on August 2016, registrations of 4,456 commercial vehicles for the month of August were up by 17.9 per cent (675 units) on August 2016,” he says.

“Registrations of SUVs remain strong however growth in registrations of passenger vehicles continues to weaken. Nevertheless, year-to-date passenger and SUV registrations still remain 7.5 per cent (4,851 units) above this time in 2016.”

Toyota remains the overall market leader with 19 per cent market share selling 2,511 units, followed by Ford with 10 per cent selling 1,305 units, and Holden with 8 per cent market share selling 1,071 units.

Commercial vehicle registrations are up 19.6 per cent to 5,691 units on this time last year and Toyota remained that market leader with a 25 per cent share of the market selling 1,114 units.

Toyota also managed to knock the Ford Ranger off the top spot with the best-selling commercial model being the Hilux with 17 per cent market share and selling 779 units in the month of August.

The Ranger slipped back to a 15 per cent share, selling 690 units, however remains at the top of the list for the year’s best selling commercial vehicle. The Ranger is also the top model overall with 6,320 registrations compared to 5,497 for the Toyota Hilux.

The top segments for the month of August were medium SUVs with 15 per cent share, followed by Chassis Cab 4×4 with 14 per cent and small passenger vehicles with 11 per cent market share.


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Suzuki tops two-wheel marques

New motorcycle registrations remained firm in February. On the back of strong sales of over-60cc machines, on-road motorbike sales of 679 units were 30 units ahead of February 2013. For the year to date, sales are now ahead of last year by 208 units. (more…)

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