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Women tackle technology

The NZTA and ITS NZ came together to host a complimentary Women In Technology breakfast to more than 100 Aucklanders.

Their strategy was to demonstrate how customer-focused design is revolutionising transport technology and how diversity is a strategic advantage. The event on March 20 was part of the T-Tech Transport Innovation Conference.

Frances Valintine, of The Mind Lab

Keynote speaker Frances Valintine, of The Mind Lab, presented her ideas on the future of transport technology and what this will mean for society.

She covered how transport technology is rapidly evolving and it’s a great time to learn about what it means for us as New Zealanders. Imagine a world with real-time technology that puts you in control of how you travel. It’s an exciting future – a world where autonomous vehicles, technology solutions, ride-sharing and more will be a click away – and there are implications for cities and their residents.

Kathleen Lyne, of the NZTA

Kathleen Lyne, of the NZTA, shared her experience leading Ridemate and Choice – two world-leading transport apps being developed in this country.

These innovative apps are links to the future – where people are at the heart of design and can chose transport that suits their needs. Whether it’s price, timeframe, speed or how green it is, in the future the choice will be in the hands of customers. Instead of having three apps, the consumer will easily and simply have a single app at his or her fingertips.

Lee McKenzie, of the Ministry of Transport, discussed her experiences about how it’s a challenge to develop future policy when the environment is changing so quickly. How do you plan for future-focused technology that has yet to be created? And what does this mean for future transport and urban design for Kiwis?

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The Women In Technology breakfast (Words and pictures: ITS NZ)

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