Rolls-Royce debuts Phantom VIII

Rolls-Royce have officially unveiled the all-new Phantom VIII at the Great Eight exhibit in London’s Mayfair, which was streamed worldwide.

The new Phantom, released 14 years after the Phantom VII, contains a 6.75-litre V12 engine which generates 421kW of power and 900Nm of torque. The speed has been electronically limited to 259km/h, and 0-100 takes 5.3 seconds. With more than 130kg of sound insulation to shield the engine noise from the cabin, Rolls-Royce claim the new Phantom is the most silent car in the world.

The bones of the new Phantom is constructed from a new all-aluminium space frame, which is 30 per cent more rigid than the previous generation. The frame designed by Rolls-Royce engineers and will feature in every future Rolls-Royce, beginning with the Phantom VIII.

With this new frame, which has been designed and engineered to scale up and down to any model, the car makers says it will only use its own architecture across all vehicles, whatever the sectore.

The next-generation luxury saloon stands at 5762mm long, 2019mm wide and 1646mm high, with an unladen weight of 2560kg. An extended wheelbase Phantom option is available, stretching the vehicle to 5982mm long, 2018mm wide and 1656mm high. The extra dimensions set the unladen weight at 2560kg for the extended variant.

A range of safety features are included in the Phantom VIII for the first time, including an Alertness Assistant, which uses four cameras to survey surroundings, Night Vision and Vision Assist, Active Cruise Control, collision warning, pedestrian warning, cross-traffic warning, and lane-departure and lane-change warning.  

Further details on a launch date and pricing are yet to be announced.

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