Marijuana found in Fusions

Investigators are trying to work out how a shipment of marijuana, worth $(US)1 million was hidden in the boots and spare wheel compartments of a group of brand new Ford Fusion vehicles.

The cars were manufactured at the Ford plant in Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico and sent by rail to a dealership in Ohio.

The haul was packed in the spare tire wheel wells and according to Silverio Balzano, agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Youngstown office says someone forgot to pick them up on the way. “Clearly something went wrong,” he told news agency, CNN.

The July incident is not the first and in March, police in Dilworth, Minnesota, also discovered drugs packed in the spare wheel spot of a group of Ford Fusions.

“We’re aware of the situation and are taking it very seriously,” a Ford Motor Company spokesman said recently. “We are working with the FBI and Customs on an extensive investigation. We have confirmed that this is not happening at our plant or at our internal shipping yards.”

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