Carpooling website launching in NZ

Easy As Carpooling, an environmentally friendly and economical way of travelling. Carpooling is about sharing one’s personal vehicle with other users to make a common car journey. It is a fast-growing mode of travel that complements all other forms of transport.

“Help us to build a new community of responsible travellers. In this new sharing economy carpooling has a real meaning and will be great for New Zealand,” said one of the directors of Easy As Carpooling, Melisa Cohen to Autofile.

Four French shareholders, who have been living in New Zealand for several years, have created Easy As Carpooling. After living and working in Auckland, they realised the impact of the traffic congestion on Aucklanders. So they decided to build a website that offers a carpooling service for commuters and travellers – Easy As Carpooling. 

You can choose to be the driver and share your car with other passengers who are heading to the same location. Alternatively, you can let someone else drive their car with you and others sharing the ride. Sharing a car journey can be a regular routine, a spur of the moment trip, over both short and long distances.

Why is Easy as Carpooling different from other ride sharing companies?

Easy as Carpooling are passionate about preserving New Zealand’s natural habitat. They strive to protect New Zealand’s pure and green image.

Safety is a key factor – with tools like driver and passenger ID verification, rating system, mobile and email verifications as well as ladies-only rides, all users should be safe on the road.

Three different type of rides are on offer:
●    Ladies Only
●    Road Trip Rides / Travel mates
●    Corporate Rides / Business

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