BMW reveals subscription service

Ian Smith, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services USA and Region Americas

BMW’s new subscription pilot in the US will put drivers into the brand’s top performance cars for as much as $3,700 a month as the German automaker tests a new ownership model with its most exclusive customers. 

Access by BMW members will have the ability to request a vehicle based on their planned usage or activity via mobile app. Once a vehicle has been requested, a BMW concierge will personally deliver the vehicle most closely matching the member’s needs to their location at the desired time.  Vehicles arrive fully fuelled.  There is no limit to how often members can switch vehicles within a given month.  

“As customers continue to explore the growing mobility market, service-related offerings are becoming more in demand. With Access by BMW, our members will enjoy the freedom of personal mobility with access across a broad range of our highly emotional vehicles” said Ian Smith, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services USA and Region Americas.  

“Subscription-based services are of emerging interest for our customers, and we’re excited to be offering a mobility service to meet their individual and evolving needs.”

During the pilot phase, Access by BMW memberships will be offered in two tiers ranging from $2,000 – $3,700 per month, inclusive of vehicle maintenance, insurance and BMW Roadside Assistance.  Additional tiers allowing even greater access to a broader range of BMW vehicles will be added as the program expands. 

“A pilot program is a great opportunity for us to learn.  In the future, the nationwide network of BMW dealers will be integral to the success of Access by BMW,” said Smith. 

“We will depend heavily on their close collaboration to continue to meet and exceed consumer expectations, and to ensure the sustainable development of this new business model.”


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