Air NZ goes electric

Air New Zealand has confirmed orders for 36 electric BMW i3 vehicles for its sales fleet, with further plans to transition 75 light vehicles in its ground fleet to fully electric vehicles. The airline will purchase 12 Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrids for longer range trips, along with 28 Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE fully electric vans for use at airports.

The acquisition of the Kangoo vans will make Air New Zealand the first New Zealand customer for the vehicle. Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon says the transition is part of the airline’s commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction across the business.

“We recognise the opportunity electric vehicles present both for New Zealand and our airline and we are making the most of the country’s renewable electricity supply by transitioning our ground fleet off fossil fuels where we’re able to”.

The first electric vehicles will arrive later this month, with the company aiming to complete the transition by the end of the year. The airline will install charging points at key car parking sites to support its new vehicles.