VIA preparing MVR guidelines

VIA has announced it is preparing guidelines for accessing the Motor Vehicles Register (MVR) in preparation for changes to MVR access due to take effect in October 2017.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (2016) first announced there would be changes to the access system in early 2016. Industry participants were encouraged to apply individually or as a part of a recognised association.

The deadline has been extended several times since 2016, and will now expire on October 31. Despite the looming date, it is still unclear how most dealers across the country will access the MVR.

However, VIA has had their application approved, and the Association advises that members implement internal controls within their own organisations as soon as possible so their staff are used to correct procedure by the time the changes come into force.

The current conditions for accessing the MVR as defined by the Gazette Notice are as follows:

  1. Names and addresses are accessed only by the motor vehicle trader on their own behalf, and solely for their own use;
  2. names and addresses may only be accessed for a specified purpose;
  3. the fees charged for the provision of the names and addresses from the MVR are duly paid;
  4. any instances of unauthorised access must immediately be notified to the Secretary for Transport and the Privacy Commissioner;
  5. before being permitted to access the MVR under section 241 of the Act, all staff must receive training that emphasises that such access must only be for a specified purpose, and refresher training of all staff must be undertaken at appropriate intervals;
  6. access must be restricted solely to members of staff for whom authorised access is essential to achieving a specified purpose; and
  7. the names and addresses obtained under this authorisation shall not be disclosed to any third party unless such disclosure is necessarily incidental to achieving a specified purpose.

VIA has produced some key guidelines for dealers requiring access to the MVR and distributed it amongst their members. These guidelines state that access should be restricted to senior staff members, such as sales or finance and insurance managers. Staff who require access to the MVR, i.e to verify trade-in details or check a change of ownership, should submit a written request, which would be verified and approved by authorised staff and kept on file.

VIA also stressed the importance of an internal audit regime to ensure staff are accessing the registry appropriately and there are no privacy breaches. While some portals may already carry out a similar style of audit VIA recommends dealer principals implement their own internal processes to minimise potential breaches of privacy.

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